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1st Full Album "Waiting for the Sunrese" Release


High-tone vocal that pierces the sky,Twin lead guitar that diffuses thier passions and rhythm sections are generating the overwhelming velocity. Listen to the beautiful and emotional melodies! Here finishes the long-awaited 1st album of Million that dedicate to all the people who loves dramatic and melodic Heavy Metal!!


1. Introduction -Into the Sky- (Music:REI)

For overture of Fly Away, quoting basic chord progression and phrase of introduction. I finished it as an orchestra using ten kinds of instruments.

2. Fly Away (Lyrics:REI Music:REI)

A song that looked like a bird that could not step beyond the first steps. It is a free song that is not bound by the fundamentals, such as using ocarina and harp, and performing mysterious measure circulation in rust.

3. Under the Sun (Lyrics:REI Music:REI)

Everything that happens on the earth is small and none under the sun. There is a constant fight among such small existence.

4. The End of the World (Lyrics:REI Music:REI)

It is the second movement of Under The Sun.A song that imaged the transience that the earth will be swallowed by the someday.

5. Light in to the Darkness (Lyrics:TETSU Music:TETSU)

Million is the first and only middle tempo number. One song that reflected 80's sensation drifting without melting in the genre of heavy metal. Lyrics are the theme of broken heart.

6. Broken Wings (Lyrics:tetsu Music:tetsu)

Straight and aggressive speed metal tune. "Broken wings" as individuals' complexes and drawing a state of opposing it.

7. Missing Link (Lyrics:REI Music:REI)

This is a heavy song that I made for the first time in high school.It is an image that seeks the answer of Missing Link which is indispensable but has not been found.

8. Tragic Fate (Lyrics:TAKA Music:TETSU)

Typical dramatic melodic power metal with European sound and Japanese unique melody matched. Composition tetsu, songwriter TAKA is the first co-written work, in lyrics TAKA 's worldview is well expressed.

9. Cry for the Freedom (Lyrics:TETSU Music:TETSU)

Twin lead guitar which is almost the whole story and this is Japanese Metal!Is the savior who appeared before the man forced to continue fighting is false? Is it the truth?

10. Future City (Lyrics:REI Music:REI)

Every day seems to be the same, in fact the same thing has nothing, and everything is changing to the future and it shows a sense of imperfection and its embarrassment.




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